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            • What are the implications of humidity CMMs

              Date: Aug 24, 2015 17:05

              To be able to play better coordinate measuring instrument most accurate measurements, we use the coordinate measuring instrument, it should acquire the appropriate knowledge and nurturing and maintenance, so that one can minimize the impact...[Detail»]

            • CMM Where is kind guide?

              Date: Aug 24, 2015 16:04

              Rail is a guide means CMM directly affect the accuracy of the CMM, which is required to have high linearity accuracy. Rails on the coordinate measuring machine has a sliding rail, floating rail rolling guide box, but commonly used for the sl...[Detail»]

            • CMM how to use wooden mold during casting use

              Date: Aug 20, 2015 16:04

              CMM how to use wooden mold during casting use Wood mold processing has two outstanding features is to have a draft angle, in one of its scribing are Billy reduced scale (eg, cast iron reduced scale, a scale copper, aluminum and other reduced...[Detail»]

            • CMM, which has several major classification

              Date: Aug 07, 2015 17:05

              CMM are the following four classifications: (A) classification by precision CMM 1. Precision CMM Uniaxial maximum measurement uncertainty of less than 1 10-6L (L is the maximum range, the unit is mm), the largest space measurement uncertain...[Detail»]

            • CMM's operating procedures and maintenance

              Date: Aug 07, 2015 17:05

              First, before the start of preparation 1. CMM to more stringent environmental requirements, contract requirements should be strict control of temperature and humidity; 2. The use of air-bearing coordinate measuring machine is theoretically...[Detail»]

            • The importance of CMM operator training on the use of enterprise

              Date: Aug 04, 2015 09:09

              CMM as a high-precision equipment, the operator has a higher skill requirements, how to ensure the CMM can continue to promote the improvement of product quality to ensure the CMM can be efficiently run, then you need to coordinate Measurin...[Detail»]