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            Proper use of gauge block

            Global Times : Dec 19, 2011 13:01 By admin clicks
            Measuring the amount of blocks belonging to a single value, but it can be combined into multi-valued. It is the distance between two parallel surfaces to determine the size of the measuring tool. Block is a precision measuring tools, so there are strict requirements.
            First, choose the correct accuracy grade gauge blocks. Block by manufacturing precision grading, grading according to measurement accuracy. And other digital small or high level.
            1, as the transfer length values, you should press the like. Higher transfer low.
            2, as a correction, test, adjust meter measuring tool used, must be corrected in accordance with, test, adjust the meter with the national regulations and level selection.
            3, in the precision test, the amount of the block is used to make standard use. You can directly measure or compare the size of some high-precision measurements of throughput sample block.
            4, it can also be used to adjust the precision of marking and precision machine tools.
            Second, the combination of the principle amount of the block
            1, the amount of each selected block of at least one of a size to make the combination the last number removed.
            2, a group of the number of block size to use as little as possible, usually not more than five.
            3, to determine the composition and level of bias. Size deviation equal to the combined size of each block and deviations. Use an equal amount of block composition may be downgraded after.
            4, the use of the site is generally centered on the amount of the block length.
            Third, the amount of block maintenance.
            1, before use: 120 # gasoline to clean, and with a silk cloth.
            2, use: can not hand the amount of direct contact with the block, it is best to wear gloves.
            3, after use: the same to be cleaned and coated with dry antirust oil or petroleum jelly to save boxing.