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            CMM's operating procedures and maintenance

            Global Times : Aug 07, 2015 17:05 By admin clicks
            First, before the start of preparation
            1. CMM to more stringent environmental requirements, contract requirements should be strict control of temperature and humidity;
            2. The use of air-bearing coordinate measuring machine is theoretically never worn structure, but if the air supply is not clean, there is oil. Water or impurities, it will cause air bearing obstruction can cause severe air bearings and linear guide flotation scratch, serious consequences. So every day to check the machine air supply, turn on the water drain. Regular cleaning of filters and water separator. Note also that the machine air supply pre-air source (air compressor or centralized gas supply tank) should be checked regularly;
            Rail high precision 3. CMM, air bearing gap is very small, if the rail above the dust or other impurities, it is easy to cause air bearing and guideway scratches. Therefore, the machine should be cleaned before each boot rails, metal rails wipe (120 or 180 gasoline) aviation gasoline, granite rails with wipe;
            4. Remember not to grease any nature on any rail during maintenance;
            5. When long time without using a coordinate measuring machine, in front of the boot should be prepared to work: control indoor temperature and humidity, in the south humid environment should also be regularly open the cabinet, the circuit board has been fully dry, avoid sudden power-control system due to damp after damage. Then check the gas supply, power supply is normal; check the power turned on before 6., if the conditions should configure the power supply, regularly check grounding resistance of less than 4 ohms.
            two. Work process:
            1. The part is placed before the bench testing, should be cleaned deburring, after the measurement is completed to prevent residual coolant and machining parts surface residues affect the measurement accuracy of the measuring machine and probe life;
            2. Parts should be measured prior to measurement in the room temperature, if the temperature difference is too large will affect the measurement accuracy;
            3. Large and heavy parts in the process of placing the bench should be light, in order to avoid the violent collision, causing damage to the table or parts. You can place a thick rubber on the table as necessary to prevent collisions;
            4. After the small and light parts into the table, it should be tightened after the measurement, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy;
            5. During operation, the probe head in the rotation must stay away from parts to avoid a collision;
            6. In the course of the event of abnormal noise or sudden emergency, do not disassemble and repair, please contact me, the company will arrange for staff to undergo a rigorous training and commitment to the fastest speed to help customers solve problems.
            Third, after the end of the operation
            1. Please move to the bottom of the Z-axis, but should avoid the stylus tip hit the table;
            2. After the work is completed to clean work surface;
            3. Check the guide, if the watermark please check the filter. If scratched or bruised please contact the company promptly, to avoid greater losses;
            4. After the end of the working machine total gas supply is turned off.
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