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            CMM, which has several major classification

            Global Times : Aug 07, 2015 17:05 By admin clicks
            CMM are the following four classifications:
            (A) classification by precision CMM
            1. Precision CMM
                      Uniaxial maximum measurement uncertainty of less than 1 × 10-6L (L is the maximum range, the unit is mm), the largest space measurement uncertainty is less than (2 ~ 3) × 10-6L, generally having a constant temperature conditions on the measurement indoor, for precision measurement.
            2. medium and low accuracy CMM
                   Uniaxial largest low-accuracy CMM Measurement Uncertainty generally about 1 × 10-4L, space maximum measurement uncertainty (2 ~ 3) × 10-4L, uniaxial medium accuracy CMM maximum measurement uncertainty about 1 × 10-5L, space maximum measurement uncertainty (2 ~ 3) × 10-5L. CMM is generally placed in such a workshop for the production process testing.
            (B) the CMM measuring range classification
                   1. Small coordinate measuring machine CMM in its longest such one axis direction (generally X-axis direction) on the measuring range of less than 500mm, mainly used to measure small precision molds, tools and tool.
                    2. Medium coordinate measuring machine CMM in its longest such an axis direction of the measurement range of 500 ~ 2000mm, is the most widely used models, mainly used to measure the box, Mold parts.
                    3. Such large-scale coordinate measuring machine CMM on its longest axis coordinate measuring range is greater than 2000mm, mainly for the automotive and engine casing, measuring aeroengine blade and other large parts.
            (Iii) the level of classification according to CMM technology
            1. Digital display and print type
                    Such CMM is mainly used for geometry measurement can be displayed and printed out the coordinate data of measured points, but to get the geometry required form and position errors, the need for manual operation, its low level of technology, now has basically been Tao Jig.
            2. with computer data processing type
                   Such CMM slightly higher technical level, currently used more often. The measurement is still a manual or motorized, but with the computer processing of measured data, such as the calculation can be done automatically corrects tilted workpiece mounting, coordinate transformation, hole center distance calculations, the deviation calculation data processing.
            3. The computer numerical control type
                   Such a high technical level CMM, CNC machine tools can be like, like, automatic measurement in accordance with the preparation of a good program. In order to meet the different needs of different industries, there are many types of CMM to choose the right companies to choose their own coordinate is less.
            (D) according to the structure of the CMM classification
                   In accordance with the structure, CMM can be divided into mobile bridge, fixed bridge, gantry, cantilever, Column and so on.
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