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            CMM how to use wooden mold during casting use

            Global Times : Aug 20, 2015 16:04 By admin clicks
            CMM how to use wooden mold during casting use
                   Wood mold processing has two outstanding features is to have a draft angle, in one of its scribing are Billy reduced scale (eg, cast iron reduced scale, a scale copper, aluminum and other reduced scale ), which means that the actual production size wooden model with its standard metric we use a casting apparatus differential shrinkage, its shrinkage coefficient with Billy cast metal material varies, traditional detection methods plus more for the platform height gauge scribing, and this wood mold scribe try flipping through several adjustments need to complete the desired measurement, addition, but also on the measurement data processing shrinkage, very cumbersome.
                    Development of computer technology, especially the popularization and application of CMM, gave us the platform to broaden the field of detection. We use Beijing China Southern Legislative Branch CMM complex wooden mold testing, both to ensure the lateral dimension, there is the measurement of complex surfaces become easier. Operation is simplified, without manual processing of data, the efficiency has been greatly improved naturally.

            1. Coordinate side head selection:
            On the wooden mold testing, awoke far less hesitation surface metal parts processing, therefore, entirely conventional detection method is not acceptable. Pain before the experiment, we not only use players outside hoe, but also made the corresponding pin hoes, make surface measurements and the edge of the measurements are more convenient. To ensure that the probe link, we do not use star Regulation, and use the square performed to detect the probe, the better.

            2, wooden model of alignment:
            In a wooden mold making features in the coordinate system is established, we use the physical alignment method, will coordinate wooden mold and machine leveling. The purpose is to facilitate the manual operation on the coordinate measuring machine. Practice has proved that although the timing would like to find about mathematics to find trouble spots, in fact facilitate the sampling probe and a change in the type of surface sampling sites were zero compensation.

            3, how to sample:
            Sampling unusual metal model wooden model, he sometimes taken the point on the element through the surface, and then the correlation calculation; sometimes it can only be used at the tip of the stylus type surface mining engraved line points; sometimes also they need to be taken with the aid of auxiliary points against the wooden mold surface. Only one purpose, as long as it satisfies the pattern accuracy requirements, how easy it how to. For example, measuring the coordinates of the center of a circle, the conventional detection method is surface mining on the assistance desired point, and then the system calculates the related parameters. The wooden model but can be taken with a needle-shaped hoe in the center of the scribe marks a little on the line, that is, save time cunning and intuitive operation.