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            CMM Where is kind guide?

            Global Times : Aug 24, 2015 16:04 By admin clicks
            Rail is a guide means CMM directly affect the accuracy of the CMM, which is required to have high linearity accuracy.
                   Rails on the coordinate measuring machine has a sliding rail, floating rail rolling guide box, but commonly used for the sliding rail and air bearings, rolling guide is seldom used, the wear resistance is poor because the rolling guide, stiffness also lower than the sliding rails . In the early coordinate measuring machines, many models using the slide rail. Sliding rail high precision, strong carrying capacity, but friction large, easy to wear, easy to produce at low speed crawling, are not easy to run at high speed, there is gradually being replaced flotation rail trend.
                   Currently, the majority have been adopted CMM aerostatic guide (also known as flotation rail, air track), it has many advantages, such as the manufacture of simple, high precision, friction is extremely small, steady work.
                   The main technical Southern Legislative Branch Machinery Co., Ltd. are from aerospace research departments, by well-known experts in aviation, aerospace and research sector led chaired related fields. Long technical experience (40 years) and a vibrant contemporary advanced technology combine to make the product technology development dynamic.