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            Recruitment Services Application Engineer and Technical Department project engineer

            Global Times : Apr 03, 2015 17:05 By admin clicks
            Job Number: Several
            Job Responsibilities:
            This position by the Service Manager management; work includes two parts Services and Technology

            Services work:
            1: to the customer site or within Beijing headquarters, employees and customers of measurement software training required to travel frequently;
            2: Measuring software applications, including parts measurement, training materials and manuals and written translation
            3: the customer and technical support sales, including text, remote network and a telephone
            4: to perform basic electrical and mechanical repair and maintenance work, precision calibration work

            Technical Department of Work:
            1: technical development of non-standard items, mainly for software part
            2: VB, VC development of software, mainly to measure and control software
            3: Development Management Software
            4: preparation of technical Issue

            job requirements:
            1: Yes VB, VC Programming
            2: understand mechanical drawing, geometric tolerances
            3: Coordinate the use of background
            4: Can you read and write information in English translation, in English translation
            5: Can travel frequently and consciously work.

            Interested parties please send your resume to: