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            Tianjin explosion! Tianjin explosion news, Tianjin explosion case, 17 people were killed

            Global Times : Aug 13, 2015 07:07 By admin clicks
            Tianjin 8.12 explode core elements:

            Site of the explosion, Tianjin Port Ruihai International Logistics Limited storage of dangerous goods container yard, temporarily unknown reason.

            22:50 around the fire, rescue forces to enter the fire, but then two explosions occurred, the first explosion occurred at 23:34:06 on the 12th, the second time for 30 seconds after the explosion, two explosions equivalent to 24 tons of TNT equivalent, scene Jumping mushroom cloud, all within two kilometers of architectural glass was shattered, rescue workers were trapped.

            Near major hospitals were full, many high-temperature burns, glass injured. There are two firefighters lost contact. Up to now, the accident has caused 14 deaths, more than 400 people were injured.

            6:00, CCTV reported, Xi Jinping made important instructions, requiring control as soon as possible, the elimination of the fire, to rescue the wounded, identify the cause, and severely punish those responsible, the State Department sent a work team to Tianjin speed; Li Keqiang given instructions. Take a look at the scene screen sky Jumping huge mushroom cloud, horror images, such as the atomic bomb.

            Pull the lens a little farther to see:

            Site map

            Today 2:31, @ Ping Tianjin Post briefing:

            At 22:52 on August 12 Xu, the city's Binhai New Area of ??Tianjin Port the 7th Kazimen Ruihai International Logistics Company dangerous goods warehouse container yard, containers containing dangerous goods caught fire and exploded, causing light rail Donghai Road Station building and surrounding residents House damaged, and the cause of the explosion is under investigation and verification casualties. After receiving the report, the municipal government emergency office, Municipal Public Security Bureau and relevant departments of the Binhai New Area emergency forces immediately deployed at the scene to carry out emergency treatment and rescue work. Currently, injured people have been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, fire fighting and rescue work is still underway.

            Police advise people around away from the scene, pay attention to safety, rescue workers obey command and control, in order to successfully carry out fire and rescue work.

            3:52, again released CONTINUED report:

            Tianjin Port International Logistics Center area Neirui Hai company owned dangerous goods warehouse (private enterprise) exploded. Currently, after a preliminary verification, seven people were killed, some injuries, damage to the surrounding buildings. The second explosion occurred in the course of the fire, resulting in some field personnel trapped, are fully search and rescue. Tianjin Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, mayor Huang Xingguo comrades rushed to the scene to direct the rescue work, make three-point demand, one full control of the scene, to prevent secondary accidents; the second is to treat the injured; three is to identify the cause of the accident as soon as possible , deal with the aftermath.

            5:18, the People's Daily microblogging news release:

            Up to now, the accident has caused 13 deaths, 11 people were critically ill, 248 people hospitalized observation and treatment.

            Where to look:

            A word in the red, is the site of the explosion. Located in the Tianjin Binhai New Area, near the Tianjin port. Specific locations shown below:

            Located Ji Yun Erdao Yuejin Road, the red circle at A is concerned companies - Ruihai international logistics company, in the middle of the red circle of light rail Donghai Road Station, light rail explosion caused part of the Convention Center to the collapse of the East China Sea Road, map display, explosion Less than 500 meters from the Skytrain place straight away. Left red circle coast apartment for the day, the day is just 1 km away from the coast apartments on the west side site of the incident, who lives in the apartment building of the west side of the three Ms. Qu said, all three building windows were shattered, ceiling outer lot off, because there are pharmaceutical companies nearby, residents fear secondary victimization, have fled to the street.

            Ruihai Logistics was founded in 2011, its official website said:

            (The company) is dangerous goods in Tianjin Port container business large transit, distribution center, Tianjin Maritime Bureau designated dangerous goods monitoring equipment depots and Exchange Commission of Tianjin port operations of dangerous goods license units.

            The figure is a plan view of the company:

            More than an eyewitness, said the explosion occurred at least twice, fires raging, Jumping huge mushroom cloud. China Seismological Network news release:. "Seismic network recorded to clear the accident, from the results to see if the two explosions, the second larger"

            Looking at the results from the waveform record, the first explosion occurred at 23:34:06 on August 12, the local magnitude ML about 2.3, equivalent to three tons TNT, the second for 30 seconds after the explosion, local magnitude ML about 2.9, equivalent to 21 tons TNT. Comprehensive User feedback, Tianjin Tanggu, Marina, as well as Hebei Hejian, Suning, Jinju, Gaocheng and other places have felt.

            Entire days are red

            "I was in a taxi, the driver said the master how to shake the car, I looked up the whole sky all red." 3 from the scene about three kilometers of Mr Wong, feel after shaking sky Jumping mushroom cloud, "then day with day four p.m. of the same, very bright. A few minutes later, a second share Jumping mushroom cloud, bigger flame. "

            "I went back to live in the hotel, the whole building's fire alarm is ringing, hotel guests have been cleared out." Mr Wong said after the incident, the surrounding residents also took to the streets, roadside shops were glass He was shattered, and everyone thought an earthquake.

            According to the Beijing News reported that live in the zone of Tianjin public Zhang public square, about yesterday evening between 11:30 to 35 points, saw the northeast appear bright red, then bang, about three seconds after feel a strong shock wave. Ten seconds later, the fire became bigger and brighter, and after a loud crash ushered in a more powerful blast, looked up to see a white sky beneath the mushroom cloud.

            A red square is located northeast of the public, for the public square, site of the explosion about 6 km distance between the two places.

            "11 o'clock was suddenly a loud noise scared lying, safe home has an alarm, lights extinguished instantly, like an earthquake." Living in the vicinity of the port of Xingang Zhang told reporters that the explosion occurred near, but not sure how Location, "Our residential buildings of glass shattering."

            The Xinhua News Agency said the explosion fireball erupted simultaneously triggered secondary explosions surrounding enterprises, a radius of several kilometers have strongly felt. Tianjin Port Renault warehouse floor one thousand new cars were destroyed.

            According to the Tianjin local friends, said after the explosion, many buildings near the explosion site by the shock wave caused by falling doors and windows.

            User @ back YE ecstasy called "experienced the most terrible thing, and his loud five kilometers outside the direct me down. Gas Wave too!"

            Tianjin look at the home of friends:

            A mess, like an earthquake.

            Indoor explosion by shock

            Indoor explosion by shock

            Hospitals are overcrowded, injured hundreds, not statistics

            Because heaven blizzard has caused at least hundreds of people were injured, they have flocked to the hospital. Close to major hospitals full staff, in particular the recent big hospital, emergency department staff said the phone was ringing off the hook.

            "Roof had fallen, broken glass all over the floor." Ms. Shaw home about two kilometers away from the scene of the explosion, she said that he and his family did not hurt, but they are injured on the streets nearby, "A lot of people bleeding, residents out the door in the street to avoid the shock. "

            Fifth Tianjin Central Hospital doctor surnamed Zhang, said recently from the scene of the explosion Tianjin Teda already overcrowded hospitals, the wounded are being taken to various hospitals dispersed. "The hospital can not count how many accepted the wounded, injured too much, many are high-temperature burns."

            "I'm a street away from the explosion, an explosion rang the first sound I want to go look at the situation, the results of an open door on the broken, shot in the face blown me out." One injured in blast injury told the Beijing News reporter, currently systemic multiple abrasions, climb up and go after the injury alone TEDA Hospital, he found that hospitals were full, then to Tianjin Medical University General Hospital waiting for treatment. Since many serious imbalance in the doctor-patient ratio, now we are waiting for treatment of the wounded.

            Tianjin Tanggu hospital duty room official said, the current emergency department staff were full, hospital departments are speeding up the time to contact your doctor.

            Tianjin Central Hospital a fifth staff, the hospital received the wounded is difficult to calculate at present, is now an emergency contact emergency work, ongoing medical rescue organization.

            Ministry of Public Security Fire Department at 1:58 news release said, "two fire officers and soldiers lost contact, four injured."

            There are people in the TEDA hospital witnessed an injured fireman. He said that in TEDA hospital saw two fire brigade, an armed police was taken by ambulance to hospital. "Firefighters face is gray, pants broken, legs black, like burns."

            Sent armed police, with no injuries, nursing staff called inhaled gas explosion, suspected poisoning situation.

            3:37, the People's Daily announced that, after a preliminary verification, seven people were killed, some officers were injured, the surrounding buildings were damaged. Second explosion occurred in the course of the fire, resulting in some field personnel trapped, are fully search and rescue.

            CCTV reported that a vehicle parked near the explosion is still explode, it is estimated that the site will continue for at least two hours of fire. All explosion architectural glass was shattered within two kilometers away from the accident occurred about 10 kilometers road traffic congestion occurs.

            Fifth Avenue congestion explosion near the vehicle transporting the wounded, rescue vehicles flooded. Since the explosion effects Jinbin Light Rail Line 9 will be August 13, 2015 cease operations. On behalf of the secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee, Mayor Huang Xingguo first time rushed to the scene directing rescue, made three demands: full control of the scene to prevent secondary accidents; to treat the injured; find out the cause of the accident as soon as possible deal with the aftermath.

            4:00 time, CCTV quoted the Tianjin Fire news that dust produced after the explosion has not spread to nearby residents threat is minimal. Currently all the fire power is entering the scene of the incident, the general attack on the fire. Since the explosives as a special substance, sand burial is the best way to fire. The field investigation, there is still the possibility of secondary explosions.

            This paper People's Daily, Beijing News, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, microblogging users information, also like to thank! Tianjin, take care!