Single Column measuring marking machine

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            Split single column measuring marking machine

               Rail platform and the work platform separated from the whole steel structure, openness is good, large measuring range. For aviation, aerospace, automotive, motorcycle cover frame and other components to detect and crossed; large cover mold testing; construction machinery cutting, testing and other needs of 3D measurement occasions; fixture adjustment and measurement. With manual and motorized (NC control) of two types.
            Model NHL- Measuring range(mm)
            X Y Z
            401515 4000 1500 1500
            451520 4500 1500 2000
            501515 5000 1500 1500
            601520 6000 1500 2000
            701515 7000 1500 1500
            1502040 15000 2000 4000

            Note: can be customized according to special requirements of users, custom specifications X≤30000 mm, Y≤1600 mm, Z≤3000 mm

            measurement accuracy(mm)
            E1 (axial) E (Space) repeat
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               Note: E, E1 defined in accordance with the GB / T16857.2-1997 and E is equivalent to ISO 10362-2: 1994 standard; L in m