CNC Automatic Duplex

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            CNC precision measuring machine arms

            British company Renishaw CNC control system, powerful, stable and reliable performance
            British companies of all Renishaw probes and accessories to meet the needs of different measurement


            Model Measuring range(mm)
            X Y Z
            NHL402420 4000 2400 2000
            NHL553020 5500 3000 2000
            NHL603020 6000 3000 2000
            NHL803025 8000 3000 2500
            NHL803435 8000 3400 3500
            NHL2003540 20000 3500 4000

            Note: can be customized according to special requirements of users, custom specifications X≤30000 mm, Y≤1800 mm, Z≤4000 mm For more information please contact us