CNC Automatic Duplex

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            Address(TianJin):No.19,Xiaqing road, Tianjin Development Zone


            Precision CNC full protective type measuring machine

            Fully enclosed structure, effectively prevent oil, dust erosion
            British Renishaw company control system, high precision


            Model Measuring range(mm)
            X Y Z
            NHL402420B 4000 2400 2000
            NHL553020B 5500 3000 2000
            NHL603020B 6000 3000 2000
            NHL803025B 8000 3000 2500
            NHL803525B 8000 3500 2500
            NHL2003528B 20000 3500 2800

            Note: can be customized according to special requirements of users, custom specifications X≤30000 mm, Y≤1800 mm, Z≤2800 mm For more information please contact us